How is the customs clearance cars in the USA

In the US, it is difficult to import cars from another country, because its own auto industry is well developed here. With such large automakers as GeneralMotors, Ford, and Chrysler, Americans are “missing their eyes” for their cars.

If an American drives a European car, this is a well-to-do person, since “non-American” cars in the US are flashily expensive. The reason for the customs clearance cars, but not in the usual sense for us. America has come up with ways to protect its own manufacturer, without using high rates of import taxes.

To import cars in the United States, the car must meet several criteria:

motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS (FederalMotorVehicleSafetyStandards). Standards include requirements for systems to prevent accidents, impact resistance of cars and survival in it during an accident. They have hundreds of points of demand, and at times "cooler" than in any other country. In order for the car to be admitted to the American market, the automaker must make it specifically for the United States, using more expensive materials and components, equipping it with a variety of passive and active safety systems. As a result, the cost of such a machine compared with peers for other countries is significantly higher. And automakers give these cars only to their dealers in the United States. In other words, the private import of vehicles in the United States is virtually impossible;

Standards for fuel consumption - if the fuel consumption of a car is 11 l / 100 km and more, the so-called fuel tax comes into effect during customs clearance. It is determined by the US customs on the basis of its own standards, and not the data of automakers;

Environmental Compliance Standards 
EPA, which are also several times more severe than anywhere else.

Compliance with all these requirements is confirmed by certificates. But, few manufacturers can get them.

There is even a phrase on the website of the US Customs Service: 

“be skeptical about the statements of foreign dealers or other sellers that the vehicle they import meets these standards or can be easily brought into line with them.”

Taxes on auto customs in the United States:

  • duty: for any passenger cars (both new and used) - 2.5%, for trucks - 25%;
  • VAT - not available;
  • excise - absent.

If it seems to you that customs clearance in the USA is very cheap, then do not flatter yourself - just quite a few cars pass in America “face control” for import.