In the USA pet insurance in 2018 spent 72 billion dollars

Americans spend more and more money on pets, in particular on medical insurance for their pets. The pet products and services industry in the United States grew from 17 billion in the mid-1990s to 72 billion last year. Of these, $ 1 billion comes from medical insurance. About this reports the publication of UNN with reference to the Voice of America.

Such goods and services for four-legged ones like funerals, cremation, fashionable clothes, smart collars, safe car seats, treadmills, frozen food are becoming the norm. Some employers even reimburse the cost of animal life and health insurance to their employees reports the publication.

In veterinary medicine, they actively use magnetic resonance imaging, chemotherapy for cancer, acupuncture, water therapy, cataract surgery. Owners of health insurance for animals from one of the American companies pay an average of $ 30 a month. In case of need for medical intervention, the company covers part of the costs, but customers still have to pay, often several thousand dollars, the material says.

As reported by UNN, 65-year-old Joey Henney from Pennsylvania lives with two alligators. One of them, Wally, 1.4 meters long, was registered by the man as an animal of emotional support, noting that it has a calming effect on people.