How is the customs clearance cars in the USA

How is the customs clearance cars in the USA
In the US, it is difficult to import cars from another country, because its own auto industry is well developed here. With such large automakers as GeneralMotors, Ford, and Chrysler, Americans are “missing their eyes” for their cars.

If an American drives a European car, this is a well-to-do person, since “non-American” cars in the US are flashily expensive. The reason for the customs clearance cars, but not in the usual sense for us. America has come up with ways to protect its own manufacturer, without using high rates of import taxes.

To import cars in the United States, the car must meet several criteria:

motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS (FederalMotorVehicleSafetyStandards). Standards include requirements for systems to prevent accidents, impact resistance of cars and survival in it during an accident. They have hundreds of points of demand, and at times "cooler" than in any other country. In order for the car to be admitted to the American market, the automaker must make it specifically for the United States, using more expensive materials and components, equipping it with a variety of passive and active safety systems. As a result, the cost of such a machine compared with peers for other countries is significantly higher. And automakers give these cars only to their dealers in the United States. In other words, the private import of vehicles in the United States is virtually impossible;

Standards for fuel consumption - if the fuel consumption of a car is 11 l / 100 km and more, the so-called fuel tax comes into effect during customs clearance. It is determined by the US customs on the basis of its own standards, and not the data of automakers;

Environmental Compliance Standards 
EPA, which are also several times more severe than anywhere else.

Compliance with all these requirements is confirmed by certificates. But, few manufacturers can get them.

There is even a phrase on the website of the US Customs Service: 

“be skeptical about the statements of foreign dealers or other sellers that the vehicle they import meets these standards or can be easily brought into line with them.”

Taxes on auto customs in the United States:

  • duty: for any passenger cars (both new and used) - 2.5%, for trucks - 25%;
  • VAT - not available;
  • excise - absent.

If it seems to you that customs clearance in the USA is very cheap, then do not flatter yourself - just quite a few cars pass in America “face control” for import.
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In the USA, the court found Obamacare health insurance unconstitutional

In the USA, the court found Obamacare health insurance unconstitutional
In Texas, a federal court declared unconstitutional a law on affordable medical care, passed by former US President Barack Obama (Obamacare), according to CNN.

Experts in the legal field told the TV channel that this would not affect US medical insurance, but some states, including California, intend to appeal this decision of the court.

California Attorney General Xavier Berrera called the decision to declare Obamacare unconstitutional "violence" and noted that the health insurance system adopted by Obama "has already experienced more than 70 unsuccessful attempts to repeal and passed the test in the Supreme Court."

Recall, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that one of his first steps as president will be the abolition of Barack Obama’s health insurance reform. Republicans are trying to replace Obamacare. In particular, they proposed to abolish the obligatory availability of medical insurance for every American, but to prohibit withdrawing insurance from already ill people.
In 2017, the US Senate voted against repealing Obamacare. 49 senators voted for the document on cancellation, 51 - against.
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How to choose a car in the USA

How to choose a car in the USA
It is best to buy a car at an auction, and, moreover, not from dealers (more on this below), but from insurance companies.

And you need to start with verifying the seller’s data. Availability of documents and certificates.

It is extremely important to understand who sells the car, because, in principle, both companies and individuals can sell at auctions.

The ideal option is when the car is sold by an insurance company. In this case, the car is sold “as it is”, without “decorations”.

And private persons (dealers) put up tuning cars at auctions, which is fraught with a large overpayment for poorly made repairs.

This thesis is easily illustrated by the following example.

Outbuildings never make quality repairs! This is an axiom. It makes no sense for them to turn to professional craftsmen, spend money on original spare parts, etc.

Their task is to take a battered car cheaper, give it a “marketable” look and sell it as soon as possible. Often they do not even chase a large margin, they earn on the back of cars.

What cars it makes sense to buy in the US

Buying a car in America for yourself, the question of subsequent liquidity should be important. In the end, your life circumstances may change, the car may become corny, etc. And after a year or two, you want to sell it.

If desired, Toyota Camry or Hyundai Sonata can be sold quickly and at an average market price.

Here are some models that it makes sense to buy in the US or Canada:

  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • HondaAccord
  • HyundaiSonata
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Mazda CX-5
  • BMW 5
  • Lexus RX
  • Tesla Model S

Damage assessment

If you have never encountered car repair, trust it with a professional.

Damage to the mind may be “minor”. And dealers will do their best to convince you of this. Like, just a replacement bumper. Only the wing is slightly wrinkled. Only a new radiator is needed. Behind these damages actually bent spars or other serious "moments" can disappear.

Resellers are trying to make as little as possible photos from favorable angles for damaged cars. If you have doubts, it is better to attract a person on the spot who can take more photos of the car you are interested in.

Based on several dozen photos, an experienced professional can tell whether it is worth taking a car from the USA. Actually, many today and do. The service "remote troubleshooting" on the photo is becoming increasingly popular.

The master can, with a high degree of probability, say how much a broken car repair can cost. To recommend to refuse to buy a car, the restoration of which will cost too much.
Of the obvious things that can be operated on and without the involvement of professionals, it is worth mentioning such moments - as practice shows, it is easier to restore frontal damage than rear ones, there is no need to get involved in “shifters” and “drowned” cars.

Buying a car at a US auction

The main mistake that is made during the bidding process at the auction is emotions. Or rather, excitement.

The main rule is not to confuse buying a car with playing in a casino. It is not worth the fight with other participants.

Determine the maximum bid for you, do not rush, do not let emotions overwhelm you.
You still wait for your car. Not on this auction, so on the next.
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Travel insurance: what to look for?

Travel insurance: what to look for?

Regardless of the season, most of us have a desire to go on vacation. And during the New Year holidays, this desire becomes simply irresistible! Wherever you go to a foreign tour or to the ski slopes, do not forget about the important "talisman" of your future travel insurance.

Not all of us know that insurance is not a simple formality, but a very important component of the “travel suitcase”: it can help, perhaps, in the most difficult situation with health problems. It is thanks to the good choice of insurance to prevent many troubles.


Travel insurance is only needed for the sole purpose of solving possible health problems while traveling. If, for example, in Ukraine and the CIS countries most of the issues can be solved in a “manual” mode (you just need to remember to save money and take it with you), then in Europe, the US or China you cannot hope for this option. Moreover, when applying for a visa to any of the countries, insurance will be required.


The principle of travel insurance is simple insurance company organizes and pays medical assistance to the policyholder in case of health problems arising during the trip. Another option is possible when the insurer compensates the client for the costs of treatment that he incurred while traveling. It is necessary to understand that the organization of medical care is not engaged in the insurance company itself, but in its partner, the service of assistance that the insured calls for health problems. For example, some insurance companies work with several such services depending on the countries and directions of travel. It is the employees of the assistance service who advise, organize the assistance and accompany the client.


I must say that if you are traveling under a voucher or accompanied by a travel agency, then most likely your insurance issue has already been resolved. As a rule, it is solved formally, to obtain a visa at the embassy. But I am sure that this is not a reason not to understand the nuances, but also to rely on formal insurance. Many of my friends and colleagues in the insurance market buy an insurance policy for travelers on their own, instead of or in addition to the policy that is already included in the package from the travel company.

Perhaps I would give 5 basic tips for those who choose travel insurance for themselves.


Tip 1. Check if the insurance matches the selected country of travel.

If you get a visa, be sure to check out the list of accredited insurance companies at the embassy. If the insurer is not listed, its insurance will not be accepted.

Tip 2. Choose the right policy type.

It is very important to choose the right type of policy, based on the regularity and length of trips abroad during the year. The simplest solution is a one-time policy for a specific number of days. The ideal solution for those who go just on vacation. But there are also policies that cover a certain number of travel days per year, regardless of when you go abroad. There are “unlimited” solutions to travel for a whole year, and the insurance will be valid. Naturally, such options will be more expensive, but for avid travelers, this is fully justified, all the more it is not necessary at every trip to think about purchasing insurance. For example, one of our regular customers makes an average of 20-25 trips per year, each for 3-10 days, including work abroad and vacation tours. In this case, the annual policy cannot do!

Tip 3. Pay attention to the amount of insurance coverage.

It is set in euros or dollars. As part of this amount, the insurance company undertakes to pay for the prescribed drugs, as well as medical services rendered to you by medical institutions and specialists. As a rule, when traveling to EU countries, the standard insurance amount that the embassies require when issuing a visa is 30 thousand euros. The responsible insurance companies have a peculiar principle: the more exotic and remote the country the client goes to, the more substantial the sum insured we offer him. For example, when traveling to Thailand or Mexico, it makes sense to choose coverage of 60 thousand USD. What for? Because getting high-quality medical care in these countries is not an easy and very expensive task. On the Internet, you can find a lot of cases of experienced tourists who are faced with this problem.

In addition to the sum insured, it is worth remembering about the franchise. A franchise is a part of the cost of medical care that the insurance company will not pay.

So, if the insurance program provides a deductible of $ 50, and in the local hospital you have been rendered services for $ 200, then the insurance company will only compensate $ 150.

The higher the deductible, the cheaper the insurance is the obvious pattern.

Tip 4. Ask about what you are protected from insurance.

To do this, you need to consult with the manager in detail, or even better, carefully read the documents that you will be given when you make policy. There is a clear dependence of the cheaper the insurance, the fewer health problems it covers.

The cheapest options include only emergency medical care and the elimination of pain. I strongly advise you to read the section separately.

"Exceptions" in the insurance contract to understand when insurance does not work. For example, if you go on vacation to a ski resort and plan to ride injuries while playing sports should not be on the list of exceptions! Surfing, rafting, parachuting, diving, skiing about all the extreme plans need to tell the insurer and extend the standard policy you need coverage.

Tip 5. Do not neglect additional services and programs.

A full insurance program, in addition to medical services, provides for the cost of an interpreter, the cost of telephone calls in the service, and other important options. So, if you are traveling with children, it is important that the option of paying for the flight for a child be included in the insurance, if you suddenly have to be treated abroad, and the children have to return home before you have completed the treatment.

You can also include additional options in travel insurance, namely:

  • Accident Insurance. There is an additional fixed payment for injuries or disability of the insured as a result of an accident.
  • Baggage insurance. Tourist luggage during flights and not only can be lost in this case will help this option. Baggage will be reimbursed by the insurance company
  • Insurance against the impossibility of travel. If the trip is canceled for reasons stipulated by the insurance contract, you will be reimbursed for its cost. A typical example is the health problems of a tourist or the embassy’s refusal to issue a visa without explanation.
  • If you are driving your car, it is important not to forget about the Green Card. If a driver abroad becomes the culprit of an accident, the insurance company will pay damages to the injured person instead of him. However, without the Green Card, none of our fellow citizens will be let through at the border.

What important we have not asked you yet?

There is a very significant detail: in order to expect the insurance company to pay for your treatment, all actions must be coordinated with it through the help desk, which I have already mentioned. Insurance company managers always warn customers that their first action in case of health problems is a call to the helpdesk. If you are treating yourself without warning the insurer, it is possible that he may refuse to compensate you for costs when returning to Ukraine, even if you keep all the receipts and receipts for medical care.

Practice shows that it is in vain: it is much easier to buy insurance (its cost is usually 3-4 times lower than when traveling abroad) than to take additional “financial reserve” in case of health problems, or to look for a hospital yourself in some unfamiliar village. Insurance here will be useful.

Just do not be afraid to use it and get only positive impressions from trips and travels!
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Travel Insurance in the USA

Travel Insurance in the USA

Do I need medical insurance to travel abroad? Most likely, an American will not even have such a question - the inhabitants of the country with the most expensive medicine in the world are accustomed to the fact that all problems are solved by insurance since childhood. What is medical insurance in the US - consider in this article.

US health insurance: how does it work?

The organization of the health care system in the United States differs significantly from that in most countries. It is dominated not by the state, but by private medicine, and private insurance, which until recently was, moreover, voluntary. This meant that the person could not pay for insurance, but was forced to pay in full for any medical services, which is very expensive. Therefore, on a voluntary basis, private health insurance covered more than 80% of the population at the end of the last century. For the most part, an employer pays for a medical insurance policy in the United States. With a tax of approximately 15% of the income that the entire working population pays, a state social insurance program is provided for unprotected segments of the population.

In 2010, the ex-President Barack Obama introduced the new law - ACA (AffordableCareAct), according to which every legal resident of the country must enter into an agreement with an insurance company or pay a fine. In this way, the state programs Medicare and Medicaid (Medicaid) have received more funding - at their expense, the poor, people with disabilities, the unemployed, people over 65 or those who have lost their ability to work can count on medical care.

The cost of health insurance in the United States depends on many factors: the type of insurance, the level of income, the state of health, age. The older a person is, the more chronic or genetic diseases he has, bad habits - the greater will be the monthly payment for the policy. On average, it costs 200-600 dollars per month for a “middle class” person, of whom the majority in the States.

But do not think that insurance in the United States allows you to use any medical services for free. Depending on the type and cost of the policy, an American has to apply only to those institutions that accept its insurance, although coverage with popular insurers is very decent. But the recourse to “its” network of clinics does not guarantee free maintenance. As a rule, part of the cost remains mandatory for the patient. In general, medical insurance in the United States is more like a guarantee of protection against "excessive spending" that may be necessary in case of a serious illness or surgery.

Interestingly, the traditional exceptions from most insurance programs in the States are "eyes" and "teeth": to receive the services of an ophthalmologist and a dentist, you must enter into a separate insurance contract.

Travel Insurance in the USA

Living in America are accustomed to trusting their doctors, who, in turn, provide them with the highest quality services. No wonder medicine in the United States is considered one of the most advanced on the planet, and people often travel to the country for the purposes of so-called medical tourism. Insurance companies clearly control all the services provided by doctors to patients, in particular, therefore, they do not recognize many “unconventional” treatment methods so popular in Ukraine. This includes all sorts of dietary supplements, droppers with vitamins and saline, herbal medicine, hypnosis, acupuncture, and the like. Our compatriot could have been surprised a lot when he learned that half of the popular drugs prescribed by Ukrainian doctors are not generally considered medicinal products in the United States and are not used.

The cost of medicine in the States is so high that only the richest people can afford life without insurance, but they also prefer to have a good policy. In addition, there is not accepted to buy drugs at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription - they simply will not be sold without a prescription. Such a conservative approach to health issues fosters a responsible approach among doctors, and among the population - discipline and lack of self-treatment.

Going on a trip abroad, an American is more likely to purchase travel insurance. There are several reasons:
  • First, Medicare and Medicaid programs do not work outside the United States.
  • Secondly, the internal insurance will not include the entire list of services that the traveler may need. Some programs allow you to reimburse the cost of medical services abroad, but this is not always convenient since the tourist will have to keep on hand a large amount of money "just in case."
  • Thirdly, almost every American is accustomed to filling out various electronic forms of policies and documents, which is not associated with additional stress - on the contrary, in a state with a rule of law and protected document circulation, a person has a psychological calm and a sense of security.

To buy travel insurance in the United States, you must contact any reliable private insurance company. Experts recommend that American tourists purchase a policy that necessarily includes the cost of medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as having insurance coverage of $ 100,000 for the whole world.
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A new superbank will appear in the USA; insurance is getting more attractive

A new superbank will appear in the USA; insurance is getting more attractive

Twitter report on the fall of monthly active users to 321 million from 330 million, concerns over the US negotiations and the growth of the global economy on Thursday caused IT, raw materials and materials to drop by 1.4% and the fuel and energy complex by 2.1%, reduced the main foreign indices by 0.9%: S & P - up to 2,706.05; Dow 30– up to 25,169.53 points. At the same time, real estate securities - one of the two leaders of this year with a result of + 11.4% - continue to go up.

The reason for the fall is in the US commentary about the lack of chances for the leaders of America and China to meet until March. The exchange has been waiting for a clearer announcement of the meeting since December 25 and has regained most of the positions lost on intensifying the conflict between the two countries since the beginning of October. During this time, the ETF for IT and discretionary consumption added + 17% in dollars excluding dividends.

The joy of a part of sectors was caused by strengthening the patience of the Fed in raising interest rates. Real estate and housing services were a plus of + 7% and + 6%, respectively, compared with October. Essentials returned only 1% below the beginning of October and increased by + 10% from December 25 on fears of a recession, which was expected among a quarter of Wall Street. The growth of manufactured goods by + 21% from December 25 is partly due to the increased aggressiveness of the defense doctrine and the increase in large international orders. But IT, part of the consumption and fuel and energy sector may be vulnerable.

According to S & P, an increase of + 11% per year in dollars is likely with chances of 55% after reporting an absolute majority (about 70%) of disclosed S & P companies. The day before yesterday, it showed only + 3.6% per annum of total returns including dividends, and today it is already + 7.0% per annum. This is a lot for one month!

The likelihood of a breakthrough in negotiations with China is 3% since the specifics on the implementation of structural reforms and on the implementation of the IP protection plan in the PRC will be a success, considering that there has been a plan since 2010 and has been developed since 1994. I do not exclude, with a probability of 6% -8%, an agreement on royalties of Chinese companies towards the United States.

Among the risks, for example, the deadline for the Shatdaun on February 15, on the national debt ceiling on March 1, the possibility of lowering the US rating is still in force, then the road to the new arms race is open. The upward movement of the Nasdaq took into account past expectations of a deal with China and, over time, leads to profit taking as it moves toward the realization of these undertakings.

Papers capable of growing by 20% are less and less, and growth in January was clearly part of the leverage, which can choose liquidity on a number of securities while taking profits. With a probability of 15%, you need to keep in mind the possibility of a side effect.
With a probability of 3%, a combination of risks is possible, leading to a decrease of 30%, and with chances of 16% -18%, a drop of 20% is possible.

So, from the baseline forecast for growth of + 11%, we come to a probabilistic forecast of profitability in the region of + 1.8%, which says a lot about the risks of decline. My baseline scenario is based on a unique combination of soft DCT and weak inflation with strong government support in many industries and suggests that it is not the worst option to diversify, including through alternative investments.

From positive news, a new, 6th largest bank will soon appear in the US: BB & T has bought SunTrust and will now change the brand. Together, BB & T and SunTrust will have $ 442 billion of assets, $ 301 billion of loans, $ 324 billion of deposits. Together, the top 6 US banks (JPMorganChase, BankofAmerica, WellsFargo, Citigroup, GoldmanSachs, MorganStanley) earned more than $ 120 billion in 2018. This year we can expect about + 11% in dollars from the papers of leading international investment and credit institutions. Suntrust has already shown this growth, other banks are not.

The merger, which is expected to close before the end of 2019, if approved by the regulator, is positive both for SunTrust and for the industry as a whole. In particular, for JP Morgan and BankofAmerica, the prospects for which we still do not appreciate the best way. The process of consolidation of the industry represents a certain risk for the positions of leaders only in the longer term, but it makes sense for active investors to wait until the exchange assesses the consequences of the news, and by the trend at a more favorable price, when confirmation of improved business conditions in the form of accelerating lending rates.

After negative reporting in the insurance industry, the number of candidates for purchase increases. The S & P life and health insurance segment is priced at a year-over-year profit forecast at a very attractive level of 8.0, which was only at the beginning of 2014 and 2016. MetLife on this indicator is only slightly worse than the average, 8.25, which is understandable: a company with a high capitalization has a lot of weight in the sub-index. For this reason, I would rate the paper in the context of the indicators of the industry as a whole and would look at increasing profits when determining the potential for improvement.

I think that in the very near future life and health insurance services will be in demand in America and around the world, and profit growth of +30% - + 40% per year in this sector will not be the rarest phenomenon. Against this background, a 5% reduction in the accounting value of Metlife is fraught with the consumption of capital. But if investors do not have the opportunity yet to find options for diversification with the help of other well-known securities of the sector - Aflac, Principal, Prudential, and Unum - then Metlife is a good choice if we see the growth of the market as a whole. To buy these financial instruments, like any other, you need, of course, not half a pint, but with knowledge.
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In the USA pet insurance in 2018 spent 72 billion dollars

In the USA pet insurance in 2018 spent 72 billion dollars

Americans spend more and more money on pets, in particular on medical insurance for their pets. The pet products and services industry in the United States grew from 17 billion in the mid-1990s to 72 billion last year. Of these, $ 1 billion comes from medical insurance. About this reports the publication of UNN with reference to the Voice of America.

Such goods and services for four-legged ones like funerals, cremation, fashionable clothes, smart collars, safe car seats, treadmills, frozen food are becoming the norm. Some employers even reimburse the cost of animal life and health insurance to their employees reports the publication.

In veterinary medicine, they actively use magnetic resonance imaging, chemotherapy for cancer, acupuncture, water therapy, cataract surgery. Owners of health insurance for animals from one of the American companies pay an average of $ 30 a month. In case of need for medical intervention, the company covers part of the costs, but customers still have to pay, often several thousand dollars, the material says.

As reported by UNN, 65-year-old Joey Henney from Pennsylvania lives with two alligators. One of them, Wally, 1.4 meters long, was registered by the man as an animal of emotional support, noting that it has a calming effect on people.
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